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Fri Nov 27
Mike Gerhold and Lissane Koll
Sat Nov 28
The Kern Brothers New Band
Fri Dec 04
Bob Crook and the criminals
Sat Dec 05
Frank Hammer

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New at the pub

Bingo every SundaY AT 6PM

Join in and try to win the jackpot

Cajun Burger

Have you tried our new Southern fried Chicken Burger.

Juicy chicken breast marinated in Cajun spices overnight,

fried southern style and served on a big toasted bun

with a selection of toppings and sauces.

Served only Thursdays

Welcome to Mac Gowan's Irish Pubs and Restaurants


New at the pub

Bingo every SundaY AT 6PM

Join in and try to win the jackpot

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Mac Gowan's Irish Pub Oberursel

Open mike at Mac Gowan's Irish Pub

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The proprietors Paul and Ciaran Mac Gowan were born and bred in Dalkey, County Dublin and grew up on the Vico Road at the southern end of Dublin Bay, with the Wicklow mountains in the background. There is a long gastronomic history in the Mac Gowan Clan, from a family run hotel to importing of fine wines and the opening of the first Irish pub on the continent (The Irish Pub in Sachsenhausen / Frankfurt). The family run Mac Gowan's Irish Pubs and Restaurants being the latest in this enterprise.

The next generation. The Oberursel Pub is managed by Fiona Mac Gowan. Trained in the Lindner hotels in Germany and Switzerland before joining the family business in 2007.

Oberursel opening times

Sunday to Friday from 5pm

Saturday from 11am

The kitchen is open on  Sunday to Friday  from 5pm to 10pm, and Saturdays From 11am to 9pm

Mac Gowan's Irish pub. Adenauer Allee 22 in 61440 Oberursel. Telephone 06171 2076960.


Our email address is: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For your convenience Mac Gowan's accecpt EC Cards for payments of 20€ and above

The Mac Gowan Brothers Paul, Ciaran and Niall Opened their first Irish Pub on the first of September 1995.  In the year up to that we spent our time building the pub on the Burger Strasse and sourcing authentic  furniture, decorations and bric a brac in Holland, Ireland the UK and Germany.

Most of it still on site in Bornheim. The Victorian style fireplace and mantelpiece was bought in Dublin, the furniture in the UK, the stained glass in Holland and the solid oak Bar in Odenwald Germany. We used as usual our vast family resources and connections to acquire these largely unique items.

On top of the success of the Bornheim Pub we followed up with a real Dublin style pub on the Zeil in Frankfurt. This one we had built by the renowned Irish Joinery company Ltd from Derry. Although the woodwork was top class, we had our hands full trying to keep the carpenters on the Job. They tended to spend more time enjoying the  local entertainment that Frankfurt had to offer. But in the end we made our deadline to open on Saint Patrick’s, the 17th of March 1997.

Bad Vilbel and Bergen Enkheim Irish Pubs followed in 1999 and 2001 respectively. Both these projects were opened and built up over a period of 12 to 18 months and consequently sold to the respective managers.

In the following years Niall Mac Gowan left the business to open his restaurant in Ireland.

In 2005 we sold the flagship Mac Gowan’s pub in Bornheim and Paul Mac Gowan moved to Spain to open the Mac Gowan’s Irish Bar in Almerimar

In 2009 on January the 21st we opened the Oberursel Irish pub. And from the beginning Fiona Mac Gowan made her imprint on the pub and has made it the great success it is today. We were able to use some of the Spanish style furnishing from the previous owners and together with a  Irish pub fitter from Berlin and continuous additions turn it into the Oberursel Irish pub you know today.

In 2011 after selling our last pub in Frankfurt, Mac Gowan’s Irish Bar on the Zeil, we had a brief foray into the west of Frankfurt in Höchst and were able to establish a nice little Irish Pub there and again were able to set up the manager to take over the good running pub.

Over the past 20 years and many ups and downs we have the two pubs left here in Oberursel and in Almerimar. Before Paul and Ciaran start handing over the business to the next generation we would like to celebrate a wonderful 20 years with as many regulars, staff and family past and present. So please join us from the 31 of August to the 6th of September in our celebrations. Saturday the 5th will be the Mac Gowan family / clan day when as many Mac Gowan’s as possible will be meeting up for breakfast and enjoying the evening festivities.